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  • Hidden Struggles

    Hidden Struggles: Eating Disorders Among Seniors While eating disorders are often associated with teenagers and young adults, the reality is that these serious illnesses can affect people of all ages, including seniors. Often misdiagnosed or dismissed entirely, eating disorders in older adults pose a significant challenge, requiring unique understanding and care. Research shows that 1.8% to 3.8% of community-dwelling women…

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  • CABS is proud to celebrate Juneteenth with our #circleofcare.

    2022 marks a historic milestone as Juneteenth is now a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the emancipation of enslaved African Americans. Juneteenth marks the anniversary of the announcement of General Order No. 3 by Union Army General Gordon Granger on June 19, 1865, proclaiming freedom for enslaved people in Texas. Source: Wikipedia For celebrations near you visit https://juneteenth-nyc-2022-nyc.hub.arcgis.com/

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  • LIBN Healthcare Forum

    LIBN Healthcare Forum

    THIS WEEK’S ACTIVITIES What’s the secret to achieving explosive economic growth while building healthier communities? The answer may lie in a robust healthcare sector. Our region has only doubled down on its commitment to serve as a premier location for a healthcare-focused industry, providing a model for growth across the nation. From reimagining infrastructure and development to training future healthcare…

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    Join our Circle of Care for National Public Health Week

    Circle of Care: Our Integrated Care Management approach to Population Health CABS Health Network will discuss the strategic layering of services in becoming a Care Management organization to create the CABS Circle of Care around our existing clients and the community. This value-based approach includes a post-acute philosophy that reduces readmissions. Hofstra University’s School of Health Professions and Human Services…

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  • Circle of Care Celebrates 4th Award Show

    2022’s “Courage To Care” honors our health care workers and communities’ resilience and thanking those who make this transformative work possible. Together, our honorees are the people who help fulfill CABS mission to provide care services to those who need them most. The spirit of the Circle of Care is based on the interdependence of people and resources with the client…

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    Managed Care Services

    “Managed care” is a term you may have heard before, let’s take a moment to outline what it really means. With managed care through CABS Health Network, you belong to plan and benefit from our contracts with healthcare providers and medical facilities to provide care at a reduced cost. Our driving force is to better serve clients by focusing on…

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    Home Care Benefits You Can Rely On

    1. Independence Loss of independence is a big concern for seniors who are considering care options. A huge advantage of home care is that your loved one is able to keep control over many aspects of their daily life. They get to continue living by their own schedule, choosing when they want to eat, sleep, and socialize. For seniors who…

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