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What’s the secret to achieving explosive economic growth while building healthier communities?

The answer may lie in a robust healthcare sector.

Our region has only doubled down on its commitment to serve as a premier location for a healthcare-focused industry, providing a model for growth across the nation. From reimagining infrastructure and development to training future healthcare workers and more, fostering an environment of opportunity for health-focused industry benefits our economic — and physical — wellbeing.

The 2022 Healthcare Forum brings together key industry leaders who are mapping out the course ahead, to reinvent how communities should be built in our dramatically altered economic, health, and social dynamic.


A 1-on-1 with Michael Dowling

Workforce Development: Educating, Retraining, and Reengaging Across Age and Skillset

Fast Health: The Future of Simple, Accessible, and Reliable Healthcare

Identifying Healthcare’s Emerging Growth Areas and Trends

Building an Economy: Healthcare’s blueprint for community development

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