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Tip of the Week: Dementia Activities During COVID Engage the Five Senses

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  • Hibs and Ross County fans on final
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-Sight: There are so many possibilities. Watch a favorite movie, read books, magazines, a short poem, or explore interesting websites on the computer or tablet. Other options include sitting together and observing what’s happening outside the window, going for drive, and drawing doodles or using coloring books.

– Sound: Listen to a short podcast. Play music and videos or sing together. Dance if you both can as a way to stay active!

– Touch: Have them feel fabrics and familiar objects or have them help you in a meaningful activity like folding warm laundry.

– Taste: Set up a small buffet of chocolate, fruit, or some of their other favorite foods.

– Smell: Have your person smell fresh herbs such as lavender or mint, or even take a moment to enjoy the smells before you dive into your mini-buffet. 


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