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  • 6 Ways Caregivers can remain Courageous amid Uncertainty 

    Caregiving is a big job, especially during the pandemic. But if we care for ourselves, we can stay courageous no matter what comes our way. We’ve all heard the phrase “caregiver burnout”, but how do we stay resilient in a time of uncertainty? How can we keep going with all the unknowns swirling around us? I know this is a…

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  • Food Pantry Resources

    We are often told that our health is our wealth.  Vital resources such as a well-balanced meal should never be optional.  These locations are available to you and your loved ones. For a more comprehensive assessment, learn more about our care management program and Individualized care planning  Client care plans address personal wellness goals, objectives, and interventions needed to reach…

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  • Tip of the Week: Dementia Activities During COVID Engage the Five Senses

    -Sight: There are so many possibilities. Watch a favorite movie, read books, magazines, a short poem, or explore interesting websites on the computer or tablet. Other options include sitting together and observing what’s happening outside the window, going for drive, and drawing doodles or using coloring books. – Sound: Listen to a short podcast. Play music and videos or sing…

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  • SPOTLIGHT: Your Diabetes Management Plan

    Overall Healthcare Management Is STILL CRITICAL. Care Management for your appointments and regular self-care may require additional steps – are you prepared? SPOTLIGHT: Your Diabetes Management Plan: According to the National Institute on Aging (NIH) * Track your glucose levels. Very high glucose levels (called hyperglycemia) or very low glucose levels (called hypoglycemia) can be risky to your health. Your…

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  • Prescription Tips During COVID-19

    After cautioning seniors to #ShelterInPlace, many elderly and disabled clients still need access to vital prescriptions. HERE ARE SOME PRESCRIPTION TIPS TO CONSIDER: 1. Ask for a 90-Day supply on your prescriptions. 2. Coordinate your pickup date to avoid multiple trips and less exposure for you or your caregiver. 3. Ask your caregiver or neighbor to go instead. Keeping your…

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  • Top Wellness Trends for Aging Adults

    Mature adults have never had it so good! We are living longer than ever. We are taking care of ourselves better. We are doing more at an older age. We are doing what we want faster and easier than ever. We have the world at our fingertips. While social distancing has presented many challenges, learning to pivot is a part…

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  • Circle of Care Celebrates 4th Award Show

    2022’s “Courage To Care” honors our health care workers and communities’ resilience and thanking those who make this transformative work possible. Together, our honorees are the people who help fulfill CABS mission to provide care services to those who need them most. The spirit of the Circle of Care is based on the interdependence of people and resources with the client…

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