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Prescription Tips During COVID-19

After cautioning seniors to #ShelterInPlace, many elderly and disabled clients still need access to vital prescriptions.


1. Ask for a 90-Day supply on your prescriptions.

2. Coordinate your pickup date to avoid multiple trips and less exposure for you or your caregiver.

3. Ask your caregiver or neighbor to go instead. Keeping your immune system up is crucial. You are safer at home during this pandemic. If support is offered, please take it.

4. If your prescription(s) must be picked up in person, have your caregiver subscribe to RX Alerts. This supports #socialdistancing and reduced waiting time in public areas.

5. See if your prescriptions qualify for home delivery. Many pharmacies are waiving fees. Mail-In services may also be available.

As always follow best health practices, including washing your hands for 20 seconds. For more great tips follow @cabshomecare

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