Holiday Resources

Holiday Resources From Our Circle of Care

Our Circle of Care understands that holidays take on different meanings for everyone.  We are here for you and want you to know, you are never alone. CABSHN cares about the wellness of its client, staff, and community year-round.

Here are some helpful links:

Testing and Vaccinations are two ways to help ease anxiety when gathering this time of year.  Here are some resources:

Food Pantry Options
Your dietary intake has a direct link to your health and wellness plan.  Moreso, going hungry shouldn’t be an option for anyone.

Coat Pop-Up Locations
Temperatures are dropping and we want to make sure a coat and warm accessories are available to everyone.  Please be sure to utilize these locations if you need assistance.

Emotional Support Helplines have increased during this season.  We encourage you to talk to someone.

Phone: 844-863-9314 7 days a week

Faith-Based Resources
Practice your faith in the comfort of your home by watching services on the web. You should also speak to your own place of worship about online services
Catholic Website:
Pentecostal Website:
Baptist Website:
Jewish Website:
Muslim Website:

Wishing you a healthy, safe, and joyous holiday from our Circle of Care to you!

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