CABS Social Care Network: Transforming Healthcare in Brooklyn


CABS Health Network (CABS HN) is building the Social Care Network (SCN) – an innovative solution to address the health-related social needs of Medicaid members in Brooklyn. Our vision is to create a comprehensive network that seamlessly integrates healthcare and social services, promoting health equity and improving outcomes for underserved communities.


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What is the SCN?

  • A collaborative network that bridges the gap between healthcare providers, community-based organizations (CBOs), and social service agencies.
  • A centralized platform for screening, navigation, and delivery of essential services addressing social determinants of health.
  • A data-driven approach leveraging cutting-edge technology to streamline service coordination and enhance care quality.


CABS Vision for the 1115 Waiver?

Addressing health-related social needs requires a multi-faceted and holistic approach, relying on collaboration, innovation, and a deep understanding of community dynamics. Through this waiver, CABS aims to promote:

    • Person-centered, evidence-based, & culturally sensitive services to drive equity.
    • Seamless access to HRSN & clinical support through collaborations & partnerships.
    • Integrated best-of-breed technology to facilitate connections.
    • Community empowerment for scaling of advocacy & impact.
    • Expanded access to home care services, chronic disease management, and preventive care for Medicaid members.
    • community engagement, stakeholder collaboration, and capacity-building for CBOs.
    • Implement robust governance, oversight, and continuous improvement strategies to drive sustainable change.

What are the 1115 Waivers?

    • Medicaid section 1115 demonstrations allow CMS to approve innovative projects that promote the objectives of Medicaid.
    • In NYS, this new waiver amendment is built off lessons learned from the delivery system reform incentive payment (DSRIP) program which was a 5 year pay for performance program that ended in 2020.
    • This waiver differs from DSRIP, whose main goal was to reduce avoidable hospital use. The new waiver focuses on creating a social care delivery system to provide HRSN interventions to Medicaid beneficiaries.
    • Funding: $7.5 billion.
    • Timeline: Formal implementation starts April 2024 and expires March 31, 2027.


Why CABS Should Lead the SCN for Brooklyn?

    • Over 43 years of experience serving diverse populations in Brooklyn.
    • Proven track record in delivering comprehensive healthcare and social services.
    • Deep community roots and culturally competent approach.
    • Commitment to innovation, collaboration, and data-driven solutions.


Existing and Past Programs

    • Vaccine Equity Partner Engagement (VEPE) for NYCHA COVID-19 Recovery
    • Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) Program
    • Comprehensive Home Care Services
    • Care Management Programs (Health Home, Medicaid Together for Asthma)


Register for SCN Townhall 2024

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