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Empowering Our Community:

CABS Health Network Hosts Narcan Training

At CABS Health Network, we are committed to responding to the needs of our community. Recently, we had the privilege of hosting a crucial Narcan training session, a direct response to requests from NYCHA residents who saw the urgent need for this life-saving knowledge.

The training took place at the Jamaica Bay Brooklyn Public Library and was facilitated by The Family Center. Participants, including local resident Andrea Jefferson from Brownsville, received hands-on training in administering Narcan nasal spray, an essential tool in reversing opioid overdoses. Each participant left the session equipped with their own Narcan kit, ready to make a difference.


Andrea Jefferson expressed the importance of this training, saying, “It’s like everywhere I go – I don’t care if I go out of state – I see it. It’s sad. So, if I can save a life, I will do it.”


Our efforts were highlighted by News12 Brooklyn, showcasing how CABS Health Network is actively empowering community members with the skills and resources they need to save lives.


At CABS Health Network, we believe in the power of community and education to create a safer, healthier environment for everyone. Together, we can make a difference.
NYCHA residents are taking it upon themselves to save lives
CABS Health Network heard the feedback from residents and brought training to them.

To read the full story and watch the coverage on News12 Brooklyn, click Here

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